Approach your well-being as you would approach mountains

This article was originally published in Finnish as a part of 10-article series (1/10) at http://ulkoilunmaailma.fi/ulkoilma/lahesty-hyvinvointiasi-kuten-lahestyisit-vuoria/.

It’s good to start this story generally on well-being. I’m sure you who wander around this forum, understand the importance of nature and what it does to you: Not only physically but above all mentally. It’s never about who does more of whatever: It’s about being one with the nature and yourself. This comes from a man who has spent 27 years of his 37 year long life in gyms (but always also outside), but who has deeply understood that they are not for everybody. Nowadays I take people as far as possible from gyms to do meaningful things.

What are those meaningful things? One of the most important ones is setting the pace for life and learning to live according to that: There are moments when you can go uphill, but that’s just one moment. The other one is finding a stable face when you will keep your focus on high quality daily routines. You stay mobile. Third one is downhill when you enjoy the fruits of your labor: You breath calmly, take a deep breath and enjoy the feelings going uphill has given you. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, since you have probably climbed somewhere high yourself haven’t you? It’s the feeling of conquering something, feeling of achievement. This is exactly how you should approach your well-being.

But why do we mistakenly think we are supposed to go all out all the time? That’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out every single day and every single moment. There are certain facts and physical needs we need to fulfill in our lives: Making a fire and just being outdoors is obviously not enough in terms of health, we all know that. The search for optimal way to find health and wellness is worth seeking. Do you know anybody who has felt sick or unbalanced after outdoor training? That’s right, neither do I. When we are able to pass this message forward together, we are on the right track.