Active travelling

This is one of the key messages I want to get through my travels. It’s definitely not about me just going to different locations, kicking it there and taking pictures. It’s about getting to know a certain culture, meeting great people and gathering new tools for inspiring. In order to make that happen, I need to be active in many ways.

Just laying down on the beach and sipping mojitos does not cut it for me. Of course it may play a tiny role, but what happens behind the scenes is way more than that. Blending in with the culture is very important, not just being a regular tourist and seeing all the same places we’ve all seen in pictures and movies.

Active people stay active, lazy stay lazy. Unfortunately there’s a truth to that sentence. When your everyday life at home is filled with physical action, it’s easier to be active while travelling. When it’s not a norm, sunbeds, bars and shopping malls will play too big of a role. Talk, walk and think outside of the box during your trips.

What’s there to do? My advice is to do some research about a place you’re going or better yet, just go with the flow. Too much planning will kill creativity and for me that’s just plain boring. For most people everyday life is filled with plans, schedules, rules and regulations. Next time you go somewhere, do yourself a favor and please leave them out of your suitcase.