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Active break defined

It’s all about personal service: When your train arrives to the village, that’s when it all begins. You are warmly welcomed, greeted and taken into your accommodation with no ingredients of rush. If the weather God allows, you will already get a nice glimpse of the nature that will be our playground for the following days. This means your active stint with me has just begun.

I do have a core plan for you: It consists of starting each day by going to the nature, giving you free time in the afternoon and eating together. That’s really it! Within these big lines I operate and tailor the content specifically for your needs. It might say a moderate hike for a day’s program, but if you need more or less, we will do that. My service does not have strict schedules since I’m there for you all the time.

Active breaks that I’ve created have to have a few key components: They need to involve versatile moving in the nature, flexible schedule, there has to be time for you to explore the surroundings also on your own, food has to suit active lifestyle and of course we go to sauna! These components are always there no matter if you come for a weekend, 4 days or a week. The key here is that we don’t rush it: This way you will gain more, see more and feel fresher.

This week I had a couple who stayed with me from Monday afternoon until Thursday afternoon. First day involved introductory hike and alpine hut drink. Second day we did a hike in total of 7 hours with a restaurant lunch and evening sauna. Third day’s hike was 6 hours with meal on open fire and dinner in the evening. On day 4 we got strong and rebuilt our postures from all that hiking and finished it all off with a lunch.

Around 24 intensive hours together in total. Lots of moving, plenty of great talks, being open and being flexible on both sides. Listening to our bodies and activating it enough. Getting good deep sleep, enjoying the nature and having great meals. What I’m trying to say is that you will gain a lot and the most important feature of them all is the personal service: It’s a combination of passion, drive, deep knowledge of an art form, willingness to serve and flexibility. Come and try it out yourself.


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