Growing up in Finnish Lapland being outdoors has always been a natural selection for me. Since the age of two when I learned how to skate, I became very familiar with cold and extreme conditions. From competitive sports to taking my expertise public on a national TV-show, my journey to this point has been very colorful.

The story of this website, name of the domain and it’s content started initially as a transition period from my previous career as a personal trainer. For over 10 years I helped 1000+ personal and company clients to achieve their life and fitness related goals. Now is the time to transfer that expertise and energy into a different platform.


Tourism is an appealing and versatile field of business and I believe our hands-on approach will help you experience something you have never experienced before. We want you to see the best locations in the world closely, personally and in a way that those memories will be cherished for a lifetime.

We at Alpland GmbH are always present during your trip to the breathtaking nature in the Alps and Lappish wilderness. With us your trip, no matter the duration, is smooth, planned to detail and most importantly fun in a very active manner. Let us take you on a journey and host you in the most personal way possible.

Tuomas Hietala
Partner and president of the management
Alpland GmbH