A few words on soul food and image

Tale 11

Soul food and image

Food. Only for your body. Not even close and not enough. Wellness is now and has always been a holistic thing. We tend to concentrate massively on the surface today, but what really is important and counts is that you take care of your inner self. Start by doing things that make you feel good: Be it the people you are with, daily activities you do, job you have or the place you live in. Fast-paced life makes the simplest things often unattainable, but that is also a choice. A choice that you have made.

How to nourish your soul? Set high standards on what you want to be surrounded with. Information wise, people wise, thought wise. Put yourself intentionally in situations that make you grow: That means to confront uncomfortable issues, for example travel somewhere with no plan and get to know new people. It’s relatively easy to build your physique by having tunnel vision, but to build a strong mind requires wisdom.

I’m confused. What do we really try to achieve with these food pics? Is it to show off? Is it to make people hungry? Is it to market a certain chef? I honestly don’t know what it is. But what I do know that it’s vain. I know for a fact that a regular person is not going to have the time nor the patience to fix everyday meals like they’ve just been photoshopped. What is the purpose of food? It should be prepared, put on a plate and eaten. That’s it.

This is all related to the kind of world we supposedly want to see. A perfect one. We seek for perfection in everything. At least it looks like it. Again, world is far from being a fantasy land. It’s hard, believe me. I don’t separate social media from my real life: What you see is what you get and what you get is real. I promise to be even more open and honest in the future, since I believe transparency is golden. There is so much false information and fake images floating around that it’s time to turn a new chapter in wellness industry. And that chapter only contains even more real and honest talk.

As long as you have heart and soul, it does not matter what you wear. It does not matter what you shake. And it definitely does not matter what you post on social media. We have to take responsibility for our future generations. What is the purpose of posing in tights? What is the purpose of posing shirtless in every single picture? Stating your mind does not necessarily mean the information makes any sense. We are standing on a very dangerous grounds here. I’d like to hear one truly honest and sensible reasoning behind this nonsense. It’s gotten worse and worse in last 10 years and I want to see a change for the better. Somebody needs to lead the way and talk some sense, even if you don’t want to hear the truth.