8 long hotel months

Time has flown and winter has passed even though today it came back for a while. Outer conditions are absolutely meaningless when you have an idea in your head you’re looking to execute: With this I see only upsides since you just have to move on all the time. I have used this time as efficiently as it has been possible and the experience gathered is priceless. That’s why I really look forward to the snow free season and what it has to offer.

Last week I had an interesting discussion: A random person came to me and asked so what is it that you actually do? I grinned a little bit since people always want to categorize you and put you into a certain box. I said I don’t know exactly but I believe in everyday active lifestyle and I want to help. I write, I talk, I coach and now I want to take people back to nature. I think that’s all I need to know. Everything will mold into the right shape eventually.

8 months in a hotel, what is that all about? That’s what I’ve been asking myself, believe me there’s nothing glamorous about it. But this is the hotel I help and want to take to another level. As of next week I will take a long creative break and disappear into wilderness. I feel I need fresh ideas, only my pen and paper and definitely no social media. I’m 100% convinced this is the right move for now and when I’m back, I will make videos and articles about it.

There is no price tag for this gathered information, research and everything else that has filled my mind and pockets during this stint. To be continued,