#50trainertips coming up!

I think it’s a good idea. To give back. To help. It just simply makes you feel good and usually you achieve a smile that lasts throughout the day. But for me there’s even more reasoning behind it: That is for you to find a balance with all the elements of wellness.

What am I talking about? It’s the holistic approach. Everything starts from the big picture first. Through the big lines you slowly, calmly and holistically work your way towards your goal, whatever that is. Details will follow step by step, never will they come into play by rushing it. It’s about the journey and through the journey by giving time and space will everything fall into place.

Still following my ideology? I know you would like to get all the #50trainertips at once, but I’m not giving them away that fast. Why? Because I want you to learn. Never will you hear me telling you to run 2 kilometres instead of 1 or to curl 12 times instead of 10. Again why? It would be too easy and at the end you would learn nothing.

Just follow these #50trainertips and I’m 100% sure you will learn a thing or two and probably start to see the forest for the trees. Maybe these tips appear once a week, maybe more often. Just stay tuned and you will know. For your information, I’m always available for questions and conversations concerning these matters. Always.