February 2017


Relaxed approach wins

I remember it like it was yesterday: I was just taking my first steps as a conditioning coach meaning I had no experience at all. I was told very specificly how to test and measure clients before starting a coaching relationship with them. I did what coaches with more experience told me: Weighing, measuring waists, checking heart rates and measuring blood pressures. Of course these are important things, don’t get me wrong. But were they necessary and relevant in the big picture?

Possibly at the beginning of my career but as the years went by I started to understand better. I noticed that the whole industry was built around gadgets and measurements instead of teaching people how to listen to themselves. Why was it and why is it still widely like that? Because it’s easy to follow gadgets and monitors. You don’t have to listen to yourself or analyze how you feel because all the information is available digitally. Easily, quickly and with no effort. Right now! Isn’t that what you want?

My romantic thought around the subject is that you don’t need these measurements. You’ll be free without them, you are able to approach your wellness in a more relaxed way and you are able to focus on what really matters. They say that everything must be measurable: Maybe in economics but that doesn’t apply to well-being. I would rather focus on keeping the quality of daily actions and workouts high, versatile and sufficient enough. Lots of resources are spared when you don’t constantly measure your heart rate, distance of your run or your weight.

You don’t believe me? Try it for one month and tell me how you felt afterwards: Did you experience less stress, did you feel generally better and mostly was your rush decreased?