October 2016


Engelberg – Paradise for the outdoor enthusiast

Foehn is blowing smoothly but securely. Leafs are falling, but at the same time I see snowflakes gently covering Titlis and other mountains up from 2000 metres. Quickly I realize that I have to add clothing even when the sun is warming me up. It’s not summer anymore. The Angel Mountain in Central Switzerland offers all of this in October. This is a place of million opportunities.

But what is a Lappish guy doing in the Alp village, far away from home? After being involved in the fitness and wellness industry for a while, I started to yearn for a change, both on personal and on the industry level. I believe in longevity which was the base of it all: What if there were products that gave you time, peace and activities, all on a right scale?

Winters and weather conditions are ever changing in today’s world: The one thing that will always remain the same is the need for humans to stay mobile and active. When it’s done outside without rush, serving all the basic human physical qualities, we are getting closer to a harmonic entity. Eye pleasing sights, high quality nutrition, security and calmness complete this package.

Elements Of Wellness, a holistic entity, was born out of willingness to help and serve. A counterforce to everyday life where I as your wellness host take you hiking, to enjoy the fresh outdoor air, make fire, straighten your posture and to relax your muscles. A big promise some would think. That is how it is since me and my partners also live for the outdoors: In a way that health and wellness are improved.

All of this is available within great connections: From Zurich Airport it takes 2 hours by train or an hour by shuttle bus and you will be by us in a valley that takes you no further. All the roads used to lead to Rome: Now they take you, outdoor enthusiast, to Engelberg. By all means take your skis with, it’s time to switch to wintersport mode soon. But before that let’s make a fire, drink a cup of coffee and get to know each other. Our time is your time 100%.