September 2016


Developing a long-lasting product

Just start doing it.

2004 I started importing clothes and selling them online. 2006 was the start of personal training business in a very challenging and small market of Finnish Lapland. In 2009 I formed a new hockey club together with two friends which is still operating. These are just examples of my past, but they tell a story: I like to renew and do things which interest me to the bone. That is the road I’m still following.

Let’s talk about 2004 for a moment. Back then I was a young boy with no plan for the future. I took a small loan, ordered trendy clothes on a bulk and sold them all. This continued for a few years and I got by. But I guess it was way too simple for me. Taking orders, packaging everything myself and sending them to customers. Where was the challenge? Luckily I found my first love that was obviously sports and training and so I continued on that path afterwards for 10 years.

Where am I today? In a valley that I consider a paradise for a nature lover. What am I doing here? Developing yet another product with no distractions. What’s different this time? Everything. Now I have a game face on that I’ve never had before. Why is that? That’s because I’m certain the upcoming products will 100% benefit everybody. How? You will find nature again in case you lost it, you will have time for yourself and you will learn what fitness is really all about.

How can I be so sure? Because there has been countless hours of testing and product development behind all of this. I’ve put all my time into finding a solution that makes you feel good, gives you a chance to relax and be active at the same time. I refuse to call these products holidays: They will be called active breaks, The Elements Of Wellness. Breaks that you will be able to do over and over again. That is and will be my personal guarantee to you. You know I live for this.

Product is never perfect, it’s always a work in progress.