August 2016


Life On The Angel Mountain – Heart Is The Biggest Muscle Of Them All


Of all the elements I’ve talked about previously, what is the one that is missing? It’s stamina. Why do you need to have it? For one simple reason which is to have the ability to keep on going. No matter how much muscle you have and no matter how flexible you are, they don’t matter if your heart hasn’t received the attention it deserves. It’s very much a physical thing but it’s also mental. Durability is many times an ability to keep on going no matter what the circumstances are.

How to develop it? I like to lead by example and the example in this case is to teach you the skill of listening to your body. Sometimes you need to go hard, sometimes you need to take it easy and sometimes do something that is in the middle. Life is usually like a mountain: It has it’s tough parts, enjoyable stages and points that you need to pay extra attention to. I’ve chosen to take you through all these stages on a full hiking day.

How is that done in real life? It’s as simple as taking care of your well-being should always be: We start with a bit more demanding part, continue with a stable ride, take care of our feet, nourish our bodies with quality food, enjoy the views and finish it by smooth sailing back to where we started from. What I’m saying is that when you do physical exercising, there has to be enjoyment into it. Not occasionally, but always. When I take you out for a full day, all of these things materialize in action.

Our packages are out and about very soon and you will be able to start booking our services in no time. Looking forward to giving you genuine experiences and enjoyable feelings while you can just enjoy the ride and give your body the best gift it deserves. See you all soon,