May 2016


Trial and error – The only way to really learn

I know I’ve made hundreds of mistakes in my life. As a young man growing up it was hard to accept them at first: From my own experience I can tell you that just simply accept them. It will set you free. Seeking of perfection is vanity since all of us make mistakes. Literally all of us. Even the ones you see on TV and adore.

Why do we do that to ourselves? Seek for the perfect body. Perfect income. Perfect car. Perfect relationship. It’s pure vanity. What happens when that glass shatters into million pieces? Will you be mentally strong enough to handle the stress and mixed emotions attached to that? You will if you don’t paint over-optimistic dreams for yourself. Just take it easy, it will all be ok.

Back to the core subject. If you fail once what will you do? Or to put it in a better way, how will you adapt? When something is not going your way, it’s not always just about you, that fact has to be recognized. Changing your tone and current vibe is a great start. Also letting go of certain ways of doing things is essential. When you let go of something, it will create room for new opportunities. And that’s a guarantee you can trust on. Life has shown it in many ways.