March 2016


The most important thing in well-being is…

Simply, to be ready. Ready for what? Any chore or any activity you may encounter. All the time. How often do you feel sore, tired, your knees are aching, your back is saying I can’t take this no more? That means you’ve done something wrong, you’re not pacing yourself correctly and you’re not ready at that particular moment. If and when searching for the optimal way to approach your well-being, it’s important to stay healthy by any means necessary. No pain no gain may sound great in theory, but believing in that mantra is the same as believing more is better in training. Just let that thought go.

As always, I’m talking in terms of general well-being and I want you to understand the clear difference between professional sports and trying to stay healthy. Talk about football (soccer) for example: If a player would only work on his dribbling skills or physical aspects of his game, he would not be able to be the best possible version of himself. He needs to work on many different skills so he could be a better all-round athlete. More skills you possess, more things you are able to do. I will go as far as saying that more versatile you are as an athlete, more versatile you are as a person.

What to do then? Do everything! Absolutely everything. My coaching philosophy has always been and will always be number one to focus on general athleticism. Everything else comes after that. If you’re not able to walk, run, climb, descend and jump, I would never restrict your workouts to gym training and physical skills only. Let’s start from general skills and after that the focus can shift to specific details. Remember physical training is only a tiny part of all-round athleticism, other forms of training must play a bigger part when seeking versatility.