February 2016


Freeskiers, your approach to wellness must be duplicated

You grab your skis or your board and you hit outside. You figure out where you want to climb up and come down. You take some important things into consideration, but other than that you’re ready to go. No complex thinking, very minimalistic and simple approach is enough.

You are willing to carve your own route as you don’t like to follow anybody else’s tracks. You feel pure and in charge of your own destiny. You probably don’t even consider your activity as a workout as you shouldn’t. You being in a great shape is just a side product of all the sweating that goes into it. Out of shape person does not climb anything, no matter what he or she looks like.


This is the approach we are mostly lacking in the modern society. You think it’s enough just to go to the gym, do your routine and go home. Where’s the fun? Where’s the spontaneous behaviour? Where’s the element of surprise? Everything around wellness must come naturally, not through circus like solutions.

For myself personally freedom to choose is number one. I value that over everything else in life. Whoever put that lift over there wasn’t the smartest person in the world. He or she forgot one thing: People are individuals and as individuals we were born to do individual things. Somewhere along the way we got lost. Luckily there’s a solution for that and that’s the title for this article. Follow that route.