January 2016


Elements of wellbeing – Part.1

We all know how important it is to balance everything in life. There are several elements that need to be fullfilled for you to be whole and satisfied. But do we really acknowledge how to do that? Is one sector taking maybe too much of your time and focus while the others are lacking?

I’ve always been training oriented since that has been my first love since I was a kid. I don’t need to motivate myself to go, it’s all built inside. But as you grow up you start realizing hey, you can’t continue like this forever. You grow up and you do get older, that’s a fact. You understand the big picture which is filled with a lot more than just sweat sessions.

Your physical prime can pretty much be at any point of your life depending on when you’ve started and how versatile your sports background is. If you have banged against the boards and opponents in your 20’s, I’m sure that’s not the smartest way to continue in your 30’s and 40’s. Times change, you grow and so must your approach to everyday wellness.

Rush is present nowadays in everything and unfortunately wellness industry is filled with rushy solutions. It’s a trap and they are mostly counterproductive. Fast-pace ruins your chances of getting it in the long run. While you think all it takes is training hard and eating clean consider this: You must include enough rest within your schedule, manage your time, work, be social with your friends and be present with your loved ones.