November 2015

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Real reasons why gym training is popular today

I’ve said it before and I say it again: Gyms are not for everybody. Yet the industry is stubbornly trying to make people feel they should be the first place to start moving. Wrong. In fact if going to the gym is your first form of exercising or moving in general, I’m saddened. Some may say that it’s better than doing nothing: Wrong again. There are way more appropriate ways to get your engine going and you must start somewhere else.

Gyms nowadays are easily accessible. You don’t need to put much effort into getting to or finding one. They are located perfectly (usually), so your car or public transportation will get you there smoothly. Services are vast and you get everything under one roof. They are warm and have great air conditioning (again usually). Childcare, freebies in many forms, you name it. Some may even offer free months, so you will get hooked and feel really comfortable. It takes a bit more to go outside no matter what the conditions are. Am I talking out of my rear end? No since most gymgoers achieve nothing. See my point here?

Sense of communality. That’s what you will get when you enter any gym. I don’t particularly like CrossFit for it’s ridiculous approach to recruit newcomers and people that have no business lifting, but I have to give props for togetherness they have created. You must understand that it’s a trend and trends tend to fade away at some point. If you spend most of your working hours indoors anyways, don’t do the same with remaining hours of your day. My point is that if you haven’t done any form of regular activity before in your life, don’t let gym be the first thing you do.