August 2015


Where do the ideas for Tales come from?

Friend asked me recently a key question: How do you come up with the ideas for your tales, you must have somebody helping you? I said every single conversation may spark a little something inside, you never know, so in that sense there’s always outside help. But mainly these are my own ideas as I want to give a different approach to what’s already out there. I’ve never been very keen on following others, I like to do things my way and I don’t see that a bit selfish.

There are many ways to improve your health and quality of life. The way I see it is that the current mainstream approach for most people was pretty much doomed from the start. Thought is very noble but it actually gets us nowhere, it’s a rat race as I’ve mentioned before. With that always in mind I start the creative process and try to give something to really think about.

Learning new ways to approach your wellness is one thing. It’s important to make you think and challenge your sometimes stubborn and one-sided views. How about learning a new skill? That’s very beneficial also. Say you learn a new sport every year starting today? In 10 years you will be quite multidimensional. Sounds great right? It’s possible.

For me sticking with the first thought and idea has been the best way for creating. Current Tales have featured a lot of sports already familiar to me, but I’ve also added some new and fresh ones into the mix. What I’ve noticed is that when you try something new, you immediately challenge your own methods and views. That I see only as a good thing.

For next year I already have an idea for spin-off and it involves something that I’ve just talked about. But until that revelation comes out let’s keep our thoughts positive and concentrate on task at hand which for me is making six more exciting Tales. Next one with The Shadow Dorian Yates is already cooking!