June 2015


How to finance trips naturally?

There are several ways to make your travelling easier by being natural. Since sponsorship money can be quite hard to obtain for a newcomer, I decided to finance part of my trips maybe a little unconventional way. Our forests are packed with jewels that can be very valuable: Anybody can come and pick berries and mushrooms freely since we are not going to run out of them. Chaga mushroom that grows wildly in birch trees is a very healthy and antioxidant rich fungus. It can be used in several ways to enhance health and that’s the main reason why I’ve started to collect it widely. There’s just one problem: You need to know where it grows and unfortunately I will not share the exact locations with you guys.

Another very practical and ecological way is to plant trees. Where I live it may take over 50 years and more for a tree to reach it’s full length, which makes it even more important to plant them. Usually forest sort of plants itself, but human cultivation is needed for example when forest is yours and you fell trees regularly. Yes, you need to take care of your own forest, here in the North it’s a norm. While the state still pays you to plant your own land, the benefits are mutual and of course you will also condition yourself differently doing that for 8-10 hours each day.