April 2015


Travelling with no money

Is it possible? Sure if you are being sponsored by someone as I’m trying to be. There are always costs in life and in travelling particularly, but the main thing is where you put your focus on. I used to be the kind of guy who would buy the world meaning everything and especially stuff I don’t need. Luckily I have grown over that period in my life.

You can see so much while travelling without spending big bucks. Let me tell you how: First and the most important thing is to get out of your comfort zone. For example that might mean not going to a resort and instead renting an apartment for less money or even going to a hostel. It all starts right here. Do things the way you have never done before, I’m certain you will have some great experiences.

Meeting new people has never had a pricetag. What’s good about sports and active lifestyle is that you will always meet great people. And it’s easy because they usually share similar mindset as yourself. While travelling that might mean hitting the beach and asking someone to throw ball or frisbee with you, going to a basketball court for a game of pickup or doing some spontaneous hiking and trekking.

I will spend my every little penny on experiences rather than material things, what will you do?