March 2015

naturalli 2

What does natural stand for you?

Natural way of doing things. That’s the slogan I created to best describe everything around The Travelling Trainer-project and my way of thinking. For me the meaning behind it is very versatile yet simple. First off when talking about training, you should mostly do what flows naturally for you: For some it’s hiking or walking, some like skiing or lifting weights while others play tennis, everybody has something they are good at. That’s the starting point and the base for all activity.

Secondly, and I’ve talked about this before, is the approach to every single sweating session: Strong work ethic is obviously good in every aspect of life, but that doesn’t apply to training and physical activity in a same way. It’s simply impossible and naive to think you can go 100% every single day, we are not robots here! Or is that what we want to be?

To keep this post short, the whole industry around fitness and wellbeing wants you to think there are shortcuts and you can get somewhere fast. For many people there is enough stress in life already so do yourself a favor and don’t push it. You have to think about your body and life as an entity: I’m 100% sure when you switch off the rush-button and start listening what you really need, you will feel better and see better results. Guaranteed.

To be continued…