January 2015


Inspiration is the key

What inspires me? Where does the drive come from? Those are some of the things I’ve been thinking lately a lot. First off it may sound like a crazy idea to even consider doing this whole thing that I’m doing, but hey, this is what I want to do. And first and foremost I sincerely feel you guys will benefit from this.

Inspiration is the key. I want to show the world endless possibilities and varieties how to not only stay in shape, travel and train, but also how to approach everyday wellbeing. Performing and stressing over stress are a big no-no. Wouldn’t it rather make sense to try to reduce stress levels by taking it easy and mildly? Where are we rushing? I’m definitely not saying you should start slacking, but one needs to put everything into perspective and see the whole picture. I guarantee you as soon as you start giving yourself a break and stop taking pressure over everything, you will start seeing results.

It’s never about me, it will always definitely be about you and giving you guys ideas. Enjoyment to everyone’s Friday night, I will start making a new story from somewhere now, it will be different as I plan each story to be.