Late Summer update

For Alpland Summer has been almost completely about active holidays. We have hosted groups from Finland as well as from Norway. Our philosophy is that each one of our clients can solely focus on their trip with no distractions, sense of urgency and any rush. In order for this to happen we need to take care of each detail to the core. Preparation after preparation before, during and after each trip.

Service is literally what we live for. We hosted a company of 100 people in the Spring, there has been couples and individuals visiting us and active groups have been between the size of 10 and 15 people. In addition to these segments we look to start bus tours next year in both of our locations the Swiss Alps and in Finnish Lapland. We have also finally found a perfect location for student trips to Swiss Alps: We aim this product to be a year-around product as well.

Lapland collaboration with our Swiss partner has also taken a leap forward as we´ve made the first Winter sales already in August. This particular product takes our client to the core of Lappish wilderness with a taste of real authenticity. Genuine and human way of interacting and giving time for our clients with no rush is in the core of Lappish way of living. Also in the core is our – platform which will be ready in September. So please be on the lookout for genuine products and ideas that improve the travel industry between Switzerland and Finland.


im wildnis