Where the masses aren’t

In order to get a full-blown mental and spiritual break from all the stress and hustle in life, a few things need to take place.

First off there has to be counterbalance schedule wise. Most of the people have very tight schedules from Monday to Friday. Week in week out. Basically the only time to have a break is either during the weekends or on holidays. What I see around also in tourism is that schedules are overbooked and contain too much. I definitely understand the maximize everything-attitude, but I also understand it does not apply experience wise. With less you will actually gain more and have memories that will last a lifetime.

Now the explorer in me starts to take over: If you follow the path someone else has already paved for you, what will you actually experience? There are literally million of other interesting attractions in each place you travel instead of the mass attractions. What is better than stepping into a world where you can relax and have time for your thoughts and for example for your friends? Nothing. This way you will actually gain energy, inspiration and freedom for yourself instead of being in similar setting that you already are every single day at home.

I also understand that people will gladly follow the masses: If a restaurant is empty, you will say to yourself that there must be something wrong with that restaurant. What if there isn’t? What if they actually make the best dishes ever, but they have just been shadowed by the mass effect. Just think about this for a minute or two. By doing what others don’t and finding the exact counterbalancing acts for your everyday life you will do yourself a huge favor. And that favor will energize, revitalize and empower you to keep on going without wearing yourself out.

Time is our greatest asset and there is a solution to give you more of that.