Teachings From Around The World – Part 1 – Family

This five episode web-series was originally custom-made for Alma Media Corporation/Lapin Kansa. Selected Tales from last year were used as a base added with intro, voice-overs in Finnish and subtitles in English. I wanted to deepen my philosophy on well-being and life in general a bit more video wise also: That’s the reason why we revamped the stories and made shorter versions of them.

Part 1 is about family, togetherness and relaxed approach on wellness. Work and busy schedules challenge you in life in a way many struggle with. My parents have been the best mirror for myself in order to understand all of this. It’s not always easy to keep your focus on well-being when life is hectic: But by changing your approach and taking it easy on yourself you will have a chance on succeeding. Have a look at what I’m talking about.