Life On The Angel Mountain – Your Muscles Need Attention


Ever since I was 10 years old, I’ve held keeping my muscles conditioned and my strength levels high as my top priority. Have I benefited from that and in what way? Now 27 years later I’ve yet to suffer any bone, ligament or muscle based injuries and trust me, there has been some heavy lifting and contact sports involved. That’s the biggest benefit, you simply do not injure yourself that easy. No matter how you do it and where you do it, as long as it’s consistent and continuous.

It all started from the gym of course. Nobody taught me anything, everything had to be experienced by myself. What I’ve noticed as I trained people for over a decade that gym is a great tool: It’s easy, it’s convenient and it brings results. But what I’ve also noticed that it’s not for everyone. There are several options and the best gym that you can find is out there in the nature. It’s never about what you do, it’s always about how you do it. We have chosen outdoor gym.

Whether it’s tossing kettlebells around, improving body’s functionality by using TRX or just exercising with your bodyweight, they are all equally as good. As I said, it’s all about how you do it. Many times improvement happens when we focus on better posture and the whole body as a functioning unit. But whatever I will show and offer you, the most important thing is that we have fun. That’s why I always like to change the routines and mix up things.