Power of example

You set your goal and you draw the general outlines for your plan. Once these moves are made, it will be easier for you to be creative and intuitive as you progress. A plan is just a plan, it will always change by time. But a firm belief in that plan is always needed, nobody else can tell you what path you must take. You are the master of your own creation.

What kind of example do I want to be? An outgoing personality who has a genuine will to help people. A brave individual who was never afraid of facing new challenges. Coach who believes forcing people to train is detrimental in a long run. Visionary who knows more relaxed approach to wellness will create better results. A human being who still believes in humanity and good will of people.

Who needs an example? Everybody does. I’ve had plenty of great examples as a youngster and I still do, starting from my close family to some professional athletes. I feel everybody will benefit from what I do since I believe ideas will change the world. Again, humanity, a softer approach on wellness and life in general. As of today, we are not yet machines and we have to keep it that way.