Living in the future

When you want to achieve something in life, whatever that is, the most important thing is that you have to be able to visualize that goal. Whether it’s your fitness goals, a new business venture or moving abroad, you have to have a concrete plan. Short-term goals along with the big long-term goal. But is that enough? Execution of that plan is what matters and a firm belief in your thoughts gets you there.

I believe in magic. In a sense that with a right mindset you can achieve anything. It’s the mentality that most athletes have: A sprinter has played his 100m dash run over and over again in his mind. More it’s repeated, easier the final run will be. Ideally. Why? Because he has been already living in the future and he has strengthened his mind at the same time.

Does it mean that you are forgetting to live in the present? Not at all. You must keep the ball rolling when you have dreams and you are being ambitious. Dwelling in the past does not help you in achieving your goals. On the contrary having a plan not only how to achieve a single¬†goal but also a clear plan on what to do after you’ve reached that particular goal. Self-suggestion is the key along with stating those goals out loud to your peers. After that the real magic starts to happen.