Have a schedule

I’ve never been a big advocate of routines. Why? Because I don’t need them, in training that is. It’s part of the DNA that I carry around and everything related to moving and health comes so naturally that I don’t need to plan my training in any ways. But, a big but, how about other fields in life? This is where it gets way more interesting: I actually needed a plan to follow and what I’ve noticed so far is that it really really works!

So what is that plan like? There is something to do each day. It’s sort of programming your mind to work automatically towards your goal. At first I had to have a look at this plan daily and that phase lasted for weeks. But what happened afterwards was that I didn’t need to look at my notebook anymore: It became automatic so it served it’s purpose. I did this plan to become better at what I previously wasn’t and that should be your goal in life also.

Strengthten the weaknesses and maintain the strengths. And there are of course plenty more to work on, but life is a constant evolution process so let’s work on one at a time. My schedule includes days for social media, days for contacting new prospects, days for writing and for example days for creating new ideas. The creative process is clearly the hardest one to stick to, since your mind sometimes refuses to collaborate to it’s fullest.

Simple, effective and guaranteed to work. If you’re lacking in exercise, the first easy step to take is a schedule. Stick to basics, keep long-term in mind all the time and read less tabloids.