Finding a natural state

Strictly training wise and strictly in terms of achieving a long-term flow for your well-being. What do you consider natural and what does the term in general mean to you? I consider the most important aspect being the ability to read what your body needs. I see the whole game of wellness and fitness so holistically nowadays that focusing solely for example on strength training would be nonsense. It can and must play an important role, but never solely.

What does it mean to stop and catch a break? Think what your body needs for a while and quit following your schedule blindly. It is important to keep a rhythm and stay focused, but what I’ve observed and seen from very close is that it’s not sustainable. You will automatically start yearning for a change after a while and that’s of course only a good thing: It means that you follow your natural instinct.

Your history tells you if you’ve succeeded in that or not. I don’t always want to be the guy breaking you the bad news, but if there has been breaks in the focus on yourself physically, something has clearly gone wrong. If it has been stable for many many years, good for you! The most important thing is that you keep going, no matter what it is: You stay free of injuries, try new things and in general stay healthy. Natural state means the ability to listen to your body.