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Why and where?

I love the outdoors, pure and simple! And I want you to feel the benefits of doing all your activities outside. Being mobile, active and energetic is an everyday thing with no breaks.

It’s about focusing on moving instead of certain outer conditions. I’m investing on creating you time, on giving you easy tools to feel healthy and on feeling the nature. Year-around.

My locations are easily accessible from all over the world. See the products below and contact me for your active, rush free and personal trip of a lifetime. See you soon!

Travel agency guaranteed active holidays to Engelberg, Central Switzerland

Activity trip in September (In Finnish) (6 days)

6 days, 5 nights, everyday activities in the nature, sauna, hosting, accommodation in Engelberg Trail Hotel and meals. From EUR 1730/person with full program and flights from Helsinki.

Nutrition and outdoor seminar in October (In Finnish) (5 days)

5 days, 4 nights, everyday activities in the nature, 2 lectures from Christer Sundqvist, hosting, accommodation in Hotel Hostatt and meals. From EUR 1140/person with full program.

Hosting, activities and lectures are also available in English for both of these trips.

Available in Engelberg, Central Switzerland

Weekly schedule

Here’s the timetable for outdoor activities that I’d like you to join every morning. Hiking, strength training, running, pick your favorites and hop on board! CHF 39/person.

3 hikes

The valley of Engelberg is full of options: It’s heavenly! I will find you 3 different routes for 4 days according to your fitness level. Polish your hiking boots and just walk in. CHF 519/person.

Summer and autumn break

Book your active summer and autumn break now! 4-day/3-night packages are available from May 22nd until October 22nd. Freely decide your arrival date. CHF 589/person.

Alpine Active seminar

How about a team building event in breathtaking alpine surroundings? One part activities, motivational talk, sauna, dinners and also time for your company’s matters. From CHF 659/person.

Outdoor training camps

Are you ready to improve your all round fitness? My 2-day training camps prepare you completely for specific events and any other physical challenges you’re willing to take. From CHF 139/camp.

Available in Luosto, Central Lapland

Active & Calmness

Need a local host to guide you through a successful break in Lapland? I specialize in small group activities and take you where the masses aren’t. Full on service with well-being and healthy living is the focus. From CHF 1922/week.

Available in Engelberg, selected Alpine resorts and Finnish Lapland

Wellness host

From CHF 332/day.

Open bookings

Looking for a specific date, content and duration for your active break? I will tailor everything according to your needs. My aim is to take you outside to the nature no matter what the conditions are. From CHF 492/group.

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