Growing up in Finnish Lapland being outdoors has always been a natural selection for me. Since the age of two when I learned to skate, I became very familiar with cold and extreme conditions. From competitive sports to mentoring others and from a gym enthusiast to an outdoor fanatic my journey to this point has been very colorful.

My passion is doing sports in many different forms regardless of the conditions and giving a relaxed approach to everyday wellness. This is the message I see as my mission and through my travels around the world I will continue to spread the joy of training, energetic living and natural way of doing things.

Tuomas The Travelling Trainer was born late 2014 and in 2015 I gave you a variety of different sports and wellness related stories. I achieved every goal I had in terms of who I wanted to meet and where I wanted to go. I believe in gradual growth instead of putting it all out there as fast as possible.


Inspirational, relaxed and out of the box thinking, that’s what I’m in for. I was put out here to educate and inspire. I will be your guide, trainer, mentor, host and your creative engine. I live for versatility.

My experience in coaching is over 10 years vast and has included 1000+ personal, company and public sector clients ranging from beginners to competitive athletes. I give you solutions and advice.

I’m anxious to provide new angles of approach and put my passion into work. Let’s start each morning actively, enjoy the nature and have open talks. Sports, wellness and fitness are what I live for.